So They Grumbled

Good morning beloved, I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Remind yourself every day that you are here on earth for a reason. You have talents and qualities that can bring goodness to others. A kind smile, a good word, a loving gesture – simple things that can change people.

When my sons were younger they like all children, had a tendency to grumble about things. Especially when it came to doing chores, keeping their room clean taking out the trash, etc. This grumbling wasn’t all the time but it did take place. It would disturb me sometimes because in my mind my thoughts were “I’m not asking you for much,” or “I’m the one that is taking care of you, not because I have to, but because I love you. And you can’t even do this simple little thing?” It’s funny how you think about things that you children have done when they are grown. There’s some memories that makes you smile and those that you see in someone else. But what stuck out about this is, I had to see myself in this also.

We have a tendency as adults to grumble also. We grumble about having to go to work, not having a job, being hungry, being overweight, I’m too skinny, not feeling well, the Pastor took too long preaching, why the choir have to sing that song, that’s not the one I wanted to hear, and the list can go on. But we pretty much spend an enormous amount of time grumbling. But the point I’m trying to make is that Jesus could say the same things to us. I’m not asking you for much,” or “I’m the one that is taking care of you, not because I have to, but because I love you. And you can’t even do this simple little thing-follow me?”

We grumble about the weather. It’s too hot or too cold; too wet or too dry; too windy or too still. We grumble about politics—often more agitated by who’s sitting in the White House than consoled by Who’s sitting on heaven’s throne. We grumble about money. We’ve got too little and taxes take too much. We grumble about people who grumble. We grumble about bad traffic, long lines, and slow waiters and waitresses. But the sad fact of the matter is that we are no different from the people of Jesus’ day, they grumbled against Him. These folks seem to be grumbling a lot-especially when Jesus reveals who He is, the Son of God. Rather than responding to this Good News with faith, rather than responding with “Lord we believe, please help our unbelief,” they ask, “How in the world can this be?” Even after He performs miracles for them and shows them through His actions, not only who He is, but how much He loves and cares for them, they still grumble.

We still grumble even after He saved you from that accident, answered your prayer to heal you from an addiction, sickness, after He accepts us with our wretchedness, after He gives us grace, but what about this one, after He died on the Cross for us all. Yep, we still grumble. How about this, have you ever grumbled when you were dissatisfied with God? Things didn’t go your way and you say, “Why didn’t you answer my prayers God?” Or, “Where were you during that tough time in my life Jesus? I really needed your presence and you abandoned me!” Or, “Lord, I deserve better than what you are putting me through right now!” Even if you didn’t have the courage to say it out loud, He heard those grumblings in your heart.

When we see blessings go to others instead of us. When we see other people living better-off than we are and we just don’t think that seems to be “fair”-we grumble. When those who we think deserve God’s punishment and anger get forgiven and even rewarded instead-we grumble. We even grumble at God’s grace to sinners. We don’t just turn our pointed, grumbling tongues at God; we even turn them on each other. When there are divisions in the church, oh, we gossip and we mutter and we grumble. When someone wrongs us, rather than taking it up with them in gentleness and love, we go to someone else and have a little pow-wow and we spitefully grumble about our brother or sister in Christ. We grumble more often than we like to admit. Some of us struggle with it more so than others.

Why do we complain, why do we grumble? We do so because something is not to our liking. We should really be focusing on Jesus Christ and having a joyful spirit no matter what our circumstance. You probably have heard it said or experienced it for yourself but some people have it a whole lot worse than we have it. And for some of those who have it a whole lot worse, they are still able to have a positive attitude because they are focusing on Christ and not themselves. They’re not grumbling. Who are we to grumble about anything, we are only here by God’s grace!

Father, you are so amazingly patient and kind with us, all the time, even when we lapse into our grumbling and whining ways. But you never roll your eyes at us. You will never get irritated with us or shame us. Even when you discipline us, it’s in love. Though there are times when it feels like we’re being ignored—like you must be too busy with other things to notice us and intervene in our hard times, precisely at those moments we hear you say to us in the gospel, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and you will find rest, because I will give you rest.” You promise rest and you give what you promise. Though we get tired and weary, you don’t. Though we get disgusted with our weakness, you don’t. Though you may not answer us the way we want you to answer or when we want you to answer, you promise to give us all the power and strength if we wait on you, and to love and serve others. Turn our grumbling into worship this very day. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” Philippians 2:14-15

Live life, give people hope, share your heart, wisdom, and resources. Never place a period where God says there should be a comma.

As always, peace and blessings, be safe. Remember God loves and so do I. ©krw 2.10.16

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