Life’s Scars


Good morning lovelies. I thank God for the thirst of His People for more of Him. It has been some time since I have written anything to encourage His people. I pray that what is to come will inspire and encourage you as it has me. May God get the glory out of everything that comes forth. Continue to be a blessing for others. God is the God of living water that will quench your thirst better than any other water.

We all have scars on our body, and each scar has a memory that reminds us of that moment when the scar was received. Your scars may be physical or emotional. You can’t live life without receiving them. There is something about our scars that make us real, believable, trustworthy.  So some would think. Maybe it is because we know that life hands out its damaging blows to all people of all ages, and all backgrounds. In most cases, it is a reminder of something unpleasant. Check each scar out on your body. Remember how it got there. You can remember the pain you had to go through for that scar. You wish you could forget it but the scar is still there. It will be there forever it will not go away. Plastic surgery may cover it but the scar is still there. The scars are there and are a reminder of the pain that we went through when the scar was made.

It’s just like the patches your grandmother use to sew in your pants but the hole still remained it just had something covering the hole. Things that happened when you were a child you can still remember the scars. I can remember as a child that I had several scars during my years of growing up. But as an adult, the scars have been numerous. They have been emotional and physical. They have been through surgeries, accidents, amputation, replacements, and even domestic. I use to say “God, please don’t allow me to have to get cut on anymore. I have enough scars to last me for a lifetime.”  Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I’m not complaining at all. Why? Because God began to show me what my scars meant. “He said that your scars show what I have brought you through. And the times that you had to be cut there was much that I needed to get rid of. And the places where there were replacements done, were the places that needed healing the most. I replaced your hip so that you could walk without a walker because your steps are ordered by God. I replaced your shoulder so that you could raise both of your hands when you praise Me. Your scars are needed to show others that you don’t need to be and never will be perfect for Me to use you. Your scars are your testimonies.”

Paul said, “Jesus, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.” (Philippians 2:6-7) He did this so that He could bear the things that we suffered for us. It is sometimes easy for us to accept the divinity of Christ, and to forget the humanity of Christ. But Christ was both divine and human. Jesus had scars. He endured these scars so that we might have life. Those scars remind us that Jesus remains human, just as he remains divine. Those scars remind us that Jesus felt pain, just as we feel pain. Those scars remind us that Jesus suffers, just as we suffer. To Thomas, the scars meant evidence of the Resurrection. To us, the scars remind us of the humanity of Christ. But what do these scars mean to Jesus? Isn’t it strange that the Resurrection brought Christ back to life, but left Him scarred. Here is Jesus, the man, appearing to his friends and showing them the scars that his life, his suffering, and his death, inflicted on him. Isn’t it amazing that in whatever occurred at the time of the resurrection the scars were NOT removed? They remained. They are still there.

And he comes, scarred, to be with us with whatever scars we bear, with whatever wounds we carry, and with whatever doubts we harbor. Isn’t that incredible? Isn’t that an amazing demonstration of God’s love for us? That he would continue to carry the scars, the reminders of the pain and humiliation he went through. Think about what it means for Christ to have scars on his hands. Our hands are the one part of our body that is almost always in view of our sight. We can’t see our ears unless we look in the mirror. We see our feet if we intentionally look down. But our hands are almost always before us. No matter what we do, we usually see our hands as we do it. Now, what does Jesus sees when He reaches out for us? He sees the scars on his hands. Therefore, when Jesus reaches out to judge, He sees the scars on his hands. When Jesus reaches out to bless or comfort, He sees the scars on his hands. When Jesus reaches out to receive us, He sees his scars. Thomas needed to see the scars in Christ’s hands in order to believe that it was really Jesus. Those scars remind us of the humanity of Christ. Those scars remind Christ of his love for us. I definitely have a different perspective about my scars. When you look at the scars you have, remember that there will probably be more but they are a reminder of the many scars that Jesus has brought us through, the ones He has blocked and continues to carry for us.

Live life, give people hope and share your heart, wisdom, and resources. Never place a period where God says there should be a comma.

As always peace and blessings. Be safe. Remember God loves you and so do I. ©3.18.18krw

One thought on “Life’s Scars

  1. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing your testimony. Scars is so true. I have physical scars and emotional scars as well. I really don’t talk about things that happened in my past for real unless I have to. Thanks for sharing. It’s good and true

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