“What Do You Seek?”


Good morning Lovelies. I greet you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Father God, help me remember what a difference it makes when I make time with You a priority in my morning. Awaken me in body and spirit each day with a desire to meet with You and to hear You speak words of affirmation, assurance, and wisdom over my heart as I prepare to go into my day. Thank You for granting to us every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. I claim the riches in Christ Jesus over my life today and over my Family, friends, and to whomever I come in contact with today. I plead the blood of Jesus over each of us, our spirit, soul, and body, over our heart, mind, and will. Armor each of us with your armor. I put on the full armor of God: the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the gospel, the helmet of salvation; I take up the shield of faith and sword of the Spirit, and I choose to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of Your might today. In the Mighty, Matchless name of Jesus, Amen.

How would you answer if Jesus were to ask you, “What do you seek?” Would you ask Him for material things? Would you ask Him for health and fitness? Financial security? A happier life? Or better relationship with someone? Or would you ask Him to explain something that you didn’t understand in the Word? He already knows the answer, so what does that tell us about His motive in asking? He knows our hearts and He knows our thoughts. Jesus has asked this questions on numerous occasions. But now He is asking us what do we seek? Just like He knew precisely what the two disciples that followed Him wanted, even though they almost certainly did not; at least not clearly. But He also knows what we want. When Jesus asks this question it is to make us think about our own motives and intents when we seek Him. What do you seek? What are you looking for that Jesus has to give, that makes you follow Him?

But Jesus asks, ‘what do you seek?’ and it is a question that we ought to spend a lifetime considering. If we are His, then as in any relationship there should never be an end to the pursuit of a deeper knowledge and a deeper love of the object of our affections. It is He who has promised that He will return for His own to take them to the place He has prepared. Yet, He is still asking, “What do you seek?” “Who do you seek?” Do you really get it as much as you think you do? Are you worshiping the One who came down to us and not some idol of your own making who you want to entertain you or answer your silly questions?

His question is designed to make you think and see and understand who He really is. But for us who are His, it is also an invitation to come closer and ask what you will in His name, for He longs to bring to us, Himself and all that is His to give. “Father, I desire that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am, in order that they may behold My glory, which Thou hast given Me; for Thou didst love Me before the foundation of the World.” (John 17:24)

I wonder how often we miss an opportunity to spend time with Jesus because we are seeking something other than His presence. I know from experience that the more time I spend with Jesus, the less desire I have for a lot of things that once seemed very important. Jesus longs for our fellowship even more than we long for His. The more time we spend getting to know Jesus, seeking Him the more we will understand and appreciate who He is. But just following Jesus is not enough. We must follow Him for the right reasons. To follow Jesus for our own purposes would be like asking Jesus to follow us. We must examine our motives for following Him. Are we seeking His glory or ours?

Live life, give people hope and share your heart, wisdom, and resources. Never place a period where God says there should be a comma.

As always peace and blessings, be safe. Take advantage of your opportunities but never allow your opportunities to take advantage of you. Remember God loves you and so do I. © krw 4.10.18


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