To My Sons,

I dedicate this blog to my four beautiful gifts. In loving memory of Corey and Ashanti who have transitioned from this life and are now with our Father in heaven. There are days that it just seems like a blur that you are no longer here. A mother never prepares herself to bury a child let alone two. I thank God for the years that He allowed me to have, because you were His before you were mine. I am so honored to have been given stewardship over you, God’s children. To Brandon and Devin, you both are unique in your own ways. I pray that this website helps you to grow into the men of God that He would have you to be. Always strive for the best, by keeping God first and you will succeed in whatever you are lead to accomplish. I love you and am so blessed to be given the honor of being your Mother and friend. Stay true to yourselves and never let anyone or anything stop you from seeking and findng God. Love you with all my heart and soul always,


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